Know More About Me and This Site: Jiahuah

My name is Jiahuah. Well, it's not my real name. It's the best domain I can get for my own name. Hope you don't find the name too strange.

I'm from China, currently studying in a master program in the US. I'm a pre software engineer, building this site is an approval. So this self introduction will mainly focus on my experience relating to software engineering. But hey, I got hobbies! I take photos, watch movies, cook and do many other things. I'll talk about them later in this article!


As a programmer, let's talk about programming first. I mainly use C++, and I've learned a lot of magic in computer science with it. I also use Python a lot in my daily work. Recently, I use Go and Rust more to program. I think they are both friendly to users for their beautiful website and documentation. To develop this website, I start learning some front-end stuff like JavaScript. In the end, this site is built using React with TypeScript. (I really like types!)

I'm also an amateur photographer (real amateur). I can do some basic photo editing and video editing. Most photos you will see in this site are my work.


Well, this is not my Linkedin page, so I won't be super serious O(∩_∩)O.

Last year, I worked as an intern in iQIYI, Inc, one of the largest video platform in China. During the internship, my main contribution was to develop a command-line tool that is used by over 30 developers. This tool is a command line interface of the cloud object storage platform inside the company. This was a tool that makes developers' work more convenient, because you don't want to use API all the time and the web interface cannot provide the basic automation functionality (like I personally use GCP's gsutil to upload photos to cloud storage in my uploading workflow). The key feature of this tool was to upload/download concurrently to fully use the bandwidth. This feature was built with Go's goroutine, a very efficent model to deal with concurrency (though some pitfalls made me debug for days).

I'm still young, there will be more experiences coming......

Contribution to Open Source Community

I've contributed to two open-source projects: Rust and Cargo. Sounds exciting, but I just did some basic documetation work. Hope this will at least help some people. I will keep seeking chance to contribute. I really love the community!

This is my GitHub page. I'll write blog on some of my projects later.


I make movies as a seperate section because this is my main hobby. I can't live without movies. I watch about 100 films anually. I know this number because I keep marking the movie I watch using a site called Douban. According to the data, I watch movies that come from America, China, France and Japan most.


I started photographying 4 years ago. I enjoy it because it let me capture a lot of touching moments in my life. Here I'm gonna share some of my recent works. They were took in my journey to Japan in January, 2020.







Hope you enjoy these photos.


I'll keep updating this introduction. Honestly, I don't come up a lot of things now.